Environmental responsibility.

Our policy

Paperless policy

From the beginning, CASFID Group has designed and targeted its products and services to reducing environmental impact. This Green policy put in place by CASFID Group was named “Paperless”.

“Paperless” is the group’s way of being environment-friendly and that is the reason why all of the company’s services are done with sustainability in mind. Every activity CASFID Group puts into practice is consistent with this policy.

CASFID Group is an environmentally friendly company, which analyzes all ecological impacts its activities can result in and considers the environment a fundament element in the decision-making progress. Every decision that is made, however small, is always taken from an environmentally aware point of view.

The Paperless policy applied to our developments.

Thanks to this policy, the company has developed new solutions for clients, makingevents and processes more sustainable, with a lower impact on the environment. Always with the goal of reducing the use of paper to a minimum.

A policy that benefits all parties.

Our 'Paperless' policy fundamentally benefits our clients, as sustainability improvestheir public image and awareness. As we are concerned about the environment, these values are transmitted to the whole team and is required from our suppliers.