R+D+I in technology


R+D+I in RFID technology.

Technological solutions in CASFID involve the development of in-house technology,which allows us to adapt to the client’s specific needs.

From the beginning, CASFID has had an R+D+i Department that develops its own pioneering technology. It also studies technological solutions present in other parts of the world and adapts them to the national marke

The development of our own technology allows us to cut back on expenses such aslicensing and intermediary companies. CASFID has specialized in the developmentof RFID technology, becoming the perfect partner in your events.

CASFID is constantly researching new RFID products and services that can be easily introduced in events to satisfy the client’s needs. Over 50% of CASFID’s Budget is destined to research on radio frequency, obtaining unique developments in Spain.

Additionally, CASFID works with the client to meet its specific needs, taking into account their budget and offering customized solutions and services.